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When it comes to your health and the health of your family, you really aren’t going to settle for anything less than a committed and comprehensive medical provider. And even with the best providers out there, you still need to feel cared for, trusted, and supported for all of your medical needs. That’s where the Primary Care services from Thrive come in. Thrive is committed to providing personalized, lifelong care for you and your entire family.

We have been proudly serving folks all around southern Illinois for years from our Salem, Vandalia, and Mt. Vernon locations, striving to provide complete, advanced medical care for family members of all ages. Whether it’s your children, your teenagers, you and your spouse, or your parents and grandparents, our Primary Care medical services are committed to knowing you, knowing your family and lifestyle, and using that to provide better and more comprehensive primary medical care for your needs.

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Our Family Medical Team

Our providers pride themselves on the long-term and comprehensive medical care we offer to our patients, as well as the preventive medicine that keeps patients of all ages healthy throughout all stages of life.

Typical treatments could include a wide variety of medical services, from chronic disease management and routine physicals, to immunization, screening tests, and counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our family medicine providers are highly trained and focused on keeping patients healthy through prevention and screening. We work closely with patients and take the time to learn about their lives, their family, and their medical histories in order to determine wellness plans that best fit each patient’s individual needs.

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When necessary, our medical providers will also collaborate with other medical professionals for any specialty care. Our family medicine providers believe in creating long-lasting, caring relationships with patients so that we can serve as their medical advocate today and in the future. And when you have a primary care provider that really knows who you are, your medical history, and the efficacy of past treatments and medicines, the quality of medical services and recommendations have the potential to keep you and your family as a pinnacle of health.

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Primary Care in Southern Illinois | Thrive

A trusted primary care provider is a crucial asset to you and your family. Your health and the health of your family is a highly important responsibility that requires diligence and consistent care, and by utilizing the experienced and supportive primary care providers at Thrive, you can get the excellent Primary Medical Care you need. And all from a compassionate team of care providers that can take care of you and your family for as long as you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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